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About Me

Hmmm…Why me? 


Hi, my name is Chris Caldon and that is a good question.

Let me explain. I am 51 years old and have been involved in the construction industry for all of my adult life. 99% of it has been in the woodworking/cabinetry business.

I owned a successful architectural woodworking and millwork company, Beach Woodworks Inc. located in Virginia Beach Virginia from 1997-2010 when I sold the business to slow down some and spend more time with my family. Semi-retirement didn’t agree with me and I now am a Senior Carpentry & Structural Supervisor for the local City government working 40 hours a week, enjoying, my family and catching some surf when the waves are good and golfing a couple times a week and I still have a smaller version of Beach Woodworks in a shop behind my home.

Throughout my career I have owned literally hundreds of different cordless drills. Having said that, there are some that stand out in my mind and others that required “strongly worded letters” to their respective manufacturers.

In my home woodworking shop I have a “boneyard” of older unusable cordless drills and I also have some of the first cordless drills that ever came out in the 80’s!

How I review cordless drills:

I believe in honesty and full disclosure and I am just one person and cannot realistically afford or own every tool I want to review for you, so I have come up with a system that I believe will give you the reader a wealth of information regarding a particular cordless drill. With my wealth of knowledge and industry contacts as well as visiting numerous trade shows across the country, I am able to bring you an unbiased, “No BS” review that will help you make an informed decision the next time you are in the market for a cordless drill. I visit the manufacturers websites as well and gather as many technical details that I can and will use that content as well because in my mind no one can describe their cordless drills better than the ones who manufactured it. I will always give attribution where it is due. If my site happens to have the drill you are looking for at a price you are willing to pay then I will receive a small commission from and I truly thank you for that!

The hope for this website is this….to give you, my readers, not only a place to come for “Non Hyped”, “No BS” and “Honest” reviews on both popular and unpopular cordless drills. If I have never used the drill personally I will tell you and I will use my vast network of resources and connections to find out the “real deal” with a particular drill. So you, my reader can make an educated decision the next time you are in the market for a particular drill.

As of today 10/13/2013 this website is new and I hope for it to evolve into the “authority”, “go to” site for cordless drills. So if you don’t see the cordless drill you are looking for, just drop me a note on the site and I will review it for you, or any tool for that matter as I own and am familiar with many tools in the contracting/woodworking industry.


Chris Caldon


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