DEWALT DCK280C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion 1.5 Ah Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo KitASIN: B0052MIIX2Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 5 inches ; 162.4 ouncesShipping Weight: 9.57 poundsCustomer Review: 4.8 206 customer reviewsSales Rank: # 3918

Product Features

  • 20V MAX 1/2-inch drill/driver features two speed transmission (0-600/0-2,000)
  • Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • Impact Driver has a compact (5.55-inch front to back), lightweight (2.8-pounds) design fits into tight areas
  • Three LED lights with 20 second delay after trigger release provide visibility without shadows
  • Powered by an Energy Star qualified charger for a better environment Includes Contractor Bag[azonreviewhero template=”cta” id=””]

Customer Reviews

Nick Marley
How to overcome the run out issue.
I purchased this combo kit from Amazon over a month ago after reading all of the reviews and doing as much research as I could. This is the third Dewalt cordless drill I’ve owned. The last one I purchased approx. 5 years ago was a DC980KA which also has a 1/2 inch chuck. I had issues with run out (wobble) on that drill right out of the box. So it was disappointing to me that Dewalt didn’t fix this problem in all this time and with a new model drill. This made me look at other manufacturer’s drills to see if I would find a better product. What I found was that Dewalt wasn’t alone with the run out issue. Pretty much any drill that uses a 1/2 inch Jacobs spindle lock chuck was affected. So what to do? For me the important factors in choosing a drill were: 1) 1/2″ chuck (with out run out issues) 2) Li-Ion batteries 3) compact size 4) LED light available to use same batteries.The above factors ruled out the cheaper drills and my suspicion that the run out was caused by the chuck and not the drill led me back to Dewalt. Since I couldn’t live with the run out I had to come up with a solution. What I noticed when reading reviews was that no one had any problems with the higher end Dewalt hammer drills and that they had a different chuck on them. I also found a post on a message board that said that Dewalt didn’t use the Jacobs chuck on the hammer drills because they had too many problems. They used a slightly more expensive Rohm chuck instead. This lead me to look at the Rohm chuck. They are easily identified by looking at the tip of the chuck. The Rohm chuck has a “hexagon” (nut) on the front of the chuck for installing and removing the chuck. The specifications for the chuck are as follows: 1) 1.

Kevin Talbot
Manufacturing Defect ??
I was waiting for this to come out. The drill and driver are super strong and I like the high speed of the drill. One big issue though.The chuck on the drill wobbles about 1mm off center. If I chuck a long drill bit in it it’s even more pronounced. I thought OK maybe bad unit, just return right? Thought I better check one out at the local Home Depot first. Same issue… The odds of both units having the same defect without it being from a glitch in the build process are pretty high to say the least. Might want to hold off until this is sorted out. I’ll re-post what I find out.Re-post – Checked one at another Depot – same thing. Looks like a defect at this point. Returning.

James Peterson
As good as it gets, for now….
I’ve owned several cordless kits/tools over the last couple of decades. My needs have changed as I’ve grown in projects, and my old cheap black and decker sets have long since been replaced by Dewalts. I’ve had the Dewalt 18V kits for several years and I’ve been very happy with them. They last through most small jobs with one charge. They are solid, beefy, and have plenty of power, but are also pretty heavy. I nearly converted over to the Li-ion packs, but the price always kept me from it. Then came the 12v max line, I thought they were perfect for nearly every small job and home use. They are light, solid, and have surprising power in a compact size. The charge they hold may not last the entire project, but the packs are so cheap you can buy a couple extra to finish up (and not break your wallet).Well now we have the 20v Max line. To be honest, if I didn’t need to buy some new 18v packs, I wouldn’t have even considered getting these. But I did, and I’m not disappointed. They all have the same solid, beefy Dewalt design, but now they are light and compact as well. They appear to be nearly as small/compact as the 12v max tools. And these tools hold a charge for much longer than their 12v cousins. (Sorry, I haven’t done a comparison test on how long they all last, 12 vs 18 vs 20).The new Impact driver is equal to the 18v version but lighter. Function and size seem nearly the same, but the 20v is slightly smaller and a good bit lighter.The new compact drill is not as small as the 12v version, but is slightly smaller than the 18v compact. power/speed seem to be equal to the 18v and better than the 12v, as you would expect.Charging seems much faster (about 30min or so, but don’t hold me to it as I didn’t discharge the pack fully).

Disappointment right out of the box
After researching several brands and features I purchased this combo kit as it would fit my needs quite well. While the capability of variable speed drilling is a top priority for me, the one trait I absolutely insist on is accuracy. Unfortunately, the example I purchased has the previously reported chuck wobble. The rotation is simply not true. As others have written, the longer the drill bit the more pronounced the wobble…not good….and obvious.To be fair I compared to my old Dewalt 14.4 drill and found it to be dead on. My thought was that perhaps I never noticed this shortcoming on my other drills. This was not the case.I called Dewalt and spoke to a very nice customer rep who stated this problem had been reported by many customers for quite some time. She also mentioned that it was her belief that this particular model was being redesigned.I was told the course of action for such inquiries has been to send/bring your drill to a service center where you’ll most likely be told the unit is operating as it should. So, while they pretty much acknowledge the issue they aren’t backing it with a recall or fix kit. The only sure fire remedy is to look at other model drills. Unfortunately they don’t have the same feature set.So, I may go to a local store to see if I can find a unit with acceptable tolerances but it appears to be a design flaw. Additionally, if I do find a truer chuck will it retain it’s accuracy?Too bad, this kit has pretty much everything else going for it.If your drill is nuts on regarding true chuck rotation please feel free to chime in.UPDATE: Well, I’ve used both tools extensively for about three years and must report that the wobble issue has turned out to be a none issue.


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